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Leather suites, boots, pants and jackets can cost literally thousands, so it’s worth a little additional time and effort to maintain the beautiful finish. A high-quality leather jacket can easily begin to dry out and crack if the proper care is not provided. The actual procedure for cleaning and conditioning the motorcycle equipment is rather straightforward. Plus, the coats that are well-maintained are more supple which means they are more comfortable to wear and easier to put on and take off. An ideal time-frame to wash the leather bike jacket is every three or four months.

What’s involved in the cleaning process?

Initial cleaning

Before beginning the cleaning process, you want to find a convenient place to hang your leathers. Use a coat hanger and be sure there is enough space to work. Start the cleaning procedure with a bowl of warm soapy water. Stay away from harsh detergents or washing up liquid, and rather use a gentle soap similar to a shower gel. Give the coat a good wipe down using a microfiber cloth or similar to make sure it’s totally clean.

Leave to dry

When the jacket is totally clean and all signs of dirt have been removed, leave it in an open area to air dry. Do not use a tumble dryer, hair dryer or other heated appliance to speed things up. Heating leather based clothing can raise the risk of the substance shrinking, splitting or cracking.

When the coat is dry, you’re ready to start on the conditioning step. It is always important to complete the initial cleaning to remove the dirt. If you go right to conditioning, there’s the risk of trapping the dirt that can result in a quite atrocious look.

Apply conditioner

Apply a high quality leather conditioner that easily absorbs into the leather to be certain that it does its job well and provides long-term protection. Massage the preferred conditioner all around the coat using your hands or a dry cloth. After a good coating is used, leave the jacket overnight to dry. Initially the leather material may feel a little greasy, but when the conditioner is fully absorbed, it should look wonderful.

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